March 17, 2017

Category: Software

Ignore the Storm Worm Threat at Your Own Peril

Hate the hype surrounding the Storm worm, and hate to add to it. Since its debut in early 2007, the virus has infected millions of PCs to create botnets that send spam or launch denial-of-service attacks. And it will very likely be used to create an immense amount of damage some time in the future. […]

Synching Up Without Sinking

If you’re like me, you’ve been putting off buying a new computer just because you didn’t feel like going through the hassle of transferring important files and programs from one PC to another. Procrastinate no longer! AlohaBob’s PC-Relocator, a new software program from publisher EisenWorld makes it easy to transfer the contents of your entire […]

Palm Applications from Your PC

Pendragon Forms 3.0 makes it easy to design a simple database on your PC and turn it into a Palm application to your Palm handheld. Use your Palm for data input, then easily re-sync the data between Palm and PC. It’s slick, and it’s simple, once you get the hang of things. The database design […]

Enterprise Application Integration Tools: Version 2

Installing MQSeries Integrator version 2 is relatively simple. IBM seems to have spent considerable time making the setup painless, even for those people who are new to MQSeries and enterprise integration. This, coupled with the feature enhancements, should make Integrator version 2 a likely upgrade choice for existing MQSeries customers. Integrator must be used with […]