March 17, 2017

Category: Internet

Rationalizing Online Piracy

There are lots of reasons why people believe it’s acceptable to download copyrighted music for free. It is possible, for example, to believe that private property is abhorrent and that stealing is perfectly justifiable behavior. Of course, rifling through your friend’s wallet, taking money from the collection plate, or putting steaks under your sweatshirt can […]

Ignore the Storm Worm Threat at Your Own Peril

Hate the hype surrounding the Storm worm, and hate to add to it. Since its debut in early 2007, the virus has infected millions of PCs to create botnets that send spam or launch denial-of-service attacks. And it will very likely be used to create an immense amount of damage some time in the future. […]

US Is in Danger of Losing Internet Leadership

Despite being the country most responsible for inventing and building the Internet, the U.S. is now in danger of being overtaken in the world it created. Thanks to poor government leadership on the issue so far this decade, the U.S. is falling further behind industrialized nations in broadband penetration. As we proceed through one of […]

How To Delete Multiple Emails At Once On Your iPad

If you have email delivered to your iPad, it can be annoying deleting several email individually. Here we take a look at how to delete multiple emails at once. Step 1 Open your email, and after you checking it, there might be several you’ve already read on your computer, other device, or just want to […]

A Guide to Facebook On iPad | iPad Tutorial

Use this iPad tutorial to get started with the official Facebook application, from setting up your account, searching for friends, to uploading images and bringing your entire social network a little closer together. Signing Up & Signing In With installation complete, firstly tap the 2x button on the lower right to expand this iPhone native […]