Why We Need A 7-Inch iPad | What The iPad Is Used For

We need a 7 inch iPad and I have written about this before but a recent study causes me to bring up the subject again and see if anyone else agrees with me on why I feel we need a 7-inch iPad. Here’s the results of that study and why I still feel this way.

Why We Need A 7-Inch iPad


Ok. We don’t “need” a 7-inch iPad but we “want” one. Admit it. How many times have you left the house and not taken your iPad, only to be out and about using your iPhone and thinking, “I would love to use my iPad more but it’s just too big to carry around”?

I know I have. And I want so much to take my iPad with me but it’s awkward. It’s perfectly thin and light but the overall size is just too big for me to whip it out at the store or on a commuter train or even at a restaurant and so stuff on it.

Which brings me to the point of this entire article. We need a 7-inch iPad for doing things. The current iPad is perfect for consuming and that’s great; perhaps that’s all it was ever meant to be (confirmed by the original announcement in 2010).

Look at this data that was brought to light by one of my favorite bloggers over at Gigaom, Darrell. The results of the survey done by AdMob show that most people (82%) are using their iPad at home and only 11% on the go.

Some of the comments from that article also point out that a lot of people are not using their iPad out of the house due to costly data plans but I slightly disagree. Even with a free data plan, I would still want something right between an iPhone and the iPad.

In my recent article on why I felt the upcoming Blackberry Playbook will be a success is mostly due to it’s size. Once people begin to see that you can take a 7-inch tablet with you far easier than a 10-inch one, then I really feel there will be a lot of momentum and pressure on Apple to make a smaller version of the iPad; even though Steve Jobs has publicly stated they won’t.

Many Tablets

Perhaps we are just discovering how tablet computer will become a part of our lives. The larger ones will replace laptops in the homes for consumption but a new generation of tablets become the ones that we take outside of the home and use for task lists, to do lists, calendars, and all of the other things typically associated with “doing” instead of just “consuming”.
I can completely see a time where we have a 7 inch tablet that is also our phone and a 10 inch tablet that we use primarily at home which replaces the laptop. And then we have a desktop for the “powerful” work.

Maybe I’m way off base but mark this down. One year from now we will either see the iPad get a “baby brother” or we will see a lot of people using the Tab and the Playbook outside of the home whilst enjoying their iPad 2 and 3 inside the home. And maybe this is exactly how Steve Jobs envisioned it, but recent comments from the Woz have me believing that the real vision of Steve Jobs in regards to the iPad is that it’s still young and has a long way to go.

What about you? Do you use your iPad in the home or out of the home? And how do you really feel about the 7 inch tablet?

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